Nourishing Work that Fills Your Heart, Life, and World...

Clover Heart Concepts is a heart and soul endeavor created by Justina Prenatt, an Asheville therapist with a vision of supporting people all over the world to achieve vibrant living and personal fulfillment.


Justina offers numerous services to cultivate personal growth, self-esteem building, improving relationships, and removing obstacles to positive change, including:

  • Individual counseling, couples counseling, family counseling, and support groups in Asheville, NC
  • Live workshops and classes in Asheville and surrounding areas
  • Online immersion workshops and course

Explore holistic counseling and therapy in Asheville, NC with Clover Counseling

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Why "Clover Heart"?

Clover is a lush green bearing white or purple-red blossoms with an ancient reputation for bringing luck, health, and wellness. Medicinally clover is used as a nutrient rich tonic that supports our bodies in healing. Animals fed on clover grow in great health and strength. As a cover crop, clover builds rich soil that in turn allows for abundant growth of vegetables and other nourishing food crops. And, of course, four leaf clovers are heralds of good luck. 

Reading a thesaurus for synonyms to "clover" brings us to accomplishment, abundance, arrival, attainment, ease, fruition, growth, maturation, plenty, success, welfare, well-being, victory, thriving, and phrases like the good life, happy days, flying colors… it goes on and on and on.


My vision for Clover Heart Concepts is to provide a nourishing tonic of unique, interactive, therapeutic experiences to my community and beyond. I offer you opportunities to build the soil of your psyche and sense of self so that you can cultivate the successful life experiences you desire with self-assuredness, deep wells of inner strength, and the skills necessary for overcoming challenges and obstacles.

Can you envision your heart filled with the outstanding qualities that clover represents? I offer you the chance for you to achieve these great rewards, to fill your heart with "clover," through the work we will do together.