It is my honor to be trusted to serve my community with their challenges, pain, and needs. Here are a few words from those who have worked with me to share the positive experiences that are possible through counseling and support in this respectful, caring context. All testimonials are shared with permission. 

You have helped me tremendously, and I feel like I can face things now because of the coping skills and tools you taught me... I feel more confident and competent than I ever imagined possible.
— Counseling participant
I thought Justina moderated the session so gently and expertly that I felt encouraged but not pressured to speak up, and although I found speaking up in the group setting challenging, which I expected, it was easier than I had thought! I also find sharing vulnerable stories about my history challenging, but the compassionate responses that I received meant a lot to me.
— Support group participant
Joining Justina’s support group for new mamas was a really wise decision for me to make. Being a new mom I felt overwhelmed and isolated and needed a place to feel loved, validated, and supported for all that I was experiencing. It was important for me to have something scheduled each week to depend on, with women that cared. I felt able to voice my struggles in group and also my successes with mothering, and both were held with such tenderness. Justina held a deep and nurturing space that allowed me to feel safe within the group to talk about whatever was needing processing. I highly recommend this group...
— NK, support group participant
This was the first support group I have attended so I had no idea what to expect. As a quiet person, I initially thought the group setting might be a drawback, but hearing about the perspectives and experience of the other women turned out to be unexpectedly beneficial. I hesitated to sign up until the last minute, but I am so glad I did!
— Support group participant
Justina is one of the most thoughtful, smart and powerful healers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to flourish in their life!
— Heather Shirin