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There are many ways to go about making positive change in your life. Engaging in therapy and counseling can be indispensable tools, and the work you do in therapy is effectively enhanced by stepping into additional learning experiences.

I offer numerous Clover Courses in the form of in-person workshops and classes in Asheville, NC, as well as online workshops and classes available to the global community that are interactive immersion experiences combining self-reflective activities and supportive group discussions through conference calls and webinars, plus every class includes creative components such as writing, music, and art. These unique workshops give participants enjoyable and enriching experiences that will help you successfully achieve positive breakthroughs in developing your strengths and gifts and appreciation for your whole self, more rewarding relationships, and improved lifestyle habits.

Clover Courses

This is an ever-evolving list of the many different ways I support community through classes and workshops. When a course is active, I will automatically include registration information, however please email me any time to learn more about when a course will be offered. 

Email for more information and timing of next sessions of all courses.

Diving Deep - Unconditional Self-Love Cultivation Series

Because of the importance of self-love work, I offer this course at all times, and you can get started now! Click here to take the dive of your lifetime...

what lurks deep within you? let's work together to grow the most positive, nourishing sense of yourself you can possibly have.

what lurks deep within you? let's work together to grow the most positive, nourishing sense of yourself you can possibly have.

“I must be a mermaid… I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.”
- Anais Nin

I believe in your potential. I believe that deep within you there are tremendous gifts waiting for you to allow them to rise to the surface.

I have made it no secret that I am on a quest to support others to tap into the greatest resource we can all access - self-love. My own lived experience and a wealth of research have brought this concept to the forefront of the therapeutic work I do. Regardless of what your aims are in your personal work, whether it is to have healthy, enjoyable relationships, overcome personal challenges and the inevitable obstacles life presents, reach success in your chosen field, achieve specific accomplishments, effect positive change in the world, parent lovingly and effectively, move beyond fear, anxiety, depression, and dissatisfaction with life, or become more creative, more joyful, more whole, the very first place you must begin is in working on your relationship with yourself.

This series is the signature experience for individuals on a path of transformation, achievement, wellness, and wholehearted living. Through creative, personalized, and evidence-based therapeutic work, I will support you in going deep within yourself, uncovering your hidden stories and the messages you have integrated into developing your self-image, likely to be the source of you currently not feeling like you are “good enough.” This revealing work will give way to facilitated, supported release, allowing you to become open, safely vulnerable, and ready to cultivate a new, more positive sense of self, and begin to more thoroughly love yourself.  

While the phrase“self-love”may sound“woo”or new-age, too light-hearted or fadish, here is the truth: lack of self-love is the same as low self-esteem, low self-worth, poor self-efficacy, and all of these states of being are associated, from many research sources, with low rates of personal success, poor relationship quality, family behavioral issues, depression, unhealthy risk-taking behaviors, addiction, eating disorders, and other low measures for quality of life. Lacking healthy appreciation for your self, flaws and all, is contributing to you being stuck in old patterns, not making the breakthroughs you want in career or creativity, living with poor health, being in painful relationships with family, friends, and partners (or potential partners), wasting time, being frustrated, lonely, fearful, angry, sad. Cultivating self-love is a powerful treatment for all of these issues. Learning to love yourself will transform your entire life.  

If you find yourself saying, “I just can’t seem to…"

  • get out of this slump
  • achieve my goals
  • have a great relationship
  • get well
  • feel fulfilled
  • feel satisfied
  • feel joy
  • feel confident
  • feel beautiful
  • express myself well
  • accomplish anything
  • speak up
  • have clear boundaries
  • take time for myself
  • say “no”
  • make the changes I want
  • be the parent I strive to be
  • keep exercising
  • eat well
  • make more money

...then you need to dive deep within yourself and work to cultivate self-love

In this powerful series you will work one-on-one with me, an empathic teacher, licensed counselor, motivational coach, and dynamic facilitator who has excelled in achieving self-love and success for myself and supported hundreds of others in overcoming their self-love barriers. We will work closely to create a process and pathway that is specific to your needs and will yield positive results in your life. There are other self-love programs out there, but this series is the only one that offers direct, one-on-one attention and deeply personalized breakthrough work, rather than just a one-size-fits-all template to follow. We are not all the same, we all have different work to do - you are unique and deserve dedicated, direct support for your one-of-a-kind process. 

Diving Deep Unconditional Self-Love Series includes:

  • Eight, 50-minute, one-on-one Transformational Counseling/Coaching Sessions (at my office location in Asheville or online via video chat)
  • Unconditional Self-Love Cultivation Course - 16 Power-Packed Lessons to Explore, Understand, Release, and Grow
  • Email Support (one email exchange per week for 10-weeks)
  • Deep-Dive Modality Exploration (Forgiveness Timeline, Book Study, Collage & Art Projects, Personalized Writing Project, Ceremony Creation & Facilitation, plus additional options)
  • Four Recordings of Powerful Themed Self-Love Meditations - Body, Mind, Skill, and Soul
  • Creation of Personalized Guided Visualization (You Get Your Own Recording for Lifetime Use!)
  • Personalized Affirmation and Mantra Development
  • Seriously Successful Self-Love Resource List

Discount offered for full payment of $997 or choose 4-payments of $279 (payments occur every 2-weeks for 8-weeks). 

I believe in you. What will it take for you to believe in yourself? 

You, your life, are worth diving deep. Click to start this work today. Hold your breath, and dive in. 


You CAN Even! Use the Inspiration of a New Year to

Make Successful Life Changes

I captured this photo while having a powerful experience realizing how much i have changed my life for the better. it was a sign!

I captured this photo while having a powerful experience realizing how much i have changed my life for the better. it was a sign!

The new year is coming! It’s the rallying cry of the masses imploring us to BE DIFFERENT, BE BETTER, BECOME ALL THE VERY BEST THINGS!!!

We can’t all be all the best things, right?! Nope. But chances are good that there is something in your life you want to improve to bring you even greater success, satisfaction, joy, and wellness. 

In truth, the start of the new year does carry the promise of things yet to come. It feels like a natural time to make positive changes, but DANG! Making change is HARD WORK!

We easily fall back into hum-drum, woe-is-me, old patterns even when they don't serve us well, because that is what our brains and bodies know best. But, ultimately, there ARE ways to make effective change!

Being intentional and addressing barriers that prevent us from achieving progress can allow us to harness the inspiration of the turn of a calendar page and its promise of a fresh start to actually make effective, desired changes in our lives. 

What are your goals for the year? Whether they’re related to a healthy lifestyle, improving relationships, juicing up your creative self, or leaping ahead professionally you will be most likely to succeed if you take compelling but achievable action steps with a clear plan that aligns well with your very unique needs, personality, and situation. 

In this engaging, four-week, online workshop we will bring life to your goals with focused intention setting, learn about common barriers to change and how to navigate them successfully, develop attainable, individualized action plans, and use creative tools that will deepen your commitment to your personal progress

How will we do all of this? With these fun, motivating, and thoroughly life-changing features...

  • Daily Creative and Inspirational emails                                                                                                with Life Lessons, Lovin', and Leverage toward True Change Making (Every day January 1st - 31st!)
  • Four 90-minute Dynamic Group Virtual Get-Togethers (via webinar) for On-the-Spot Coaching, Learning, and Getting Through the Gunk!
    •     Week 1. Gangbusting Goal Setting and Awesome Action Plans
    •     Week 2. Anchor, Rope, and Hook: Kicking Ass and Climbing the Mountains of Resistance
    •     Week 3. Celebration of Self-Love! The Core of Successful Change
    •     Week 4. Weave your Safety Net, Walk Your Path: Accountability and Maintenance as the Way Forward     
  • One 30-minute Owning Your Objective Personalized Goal Setting Session (live phone or video one-on-one chat with Justina in week one or two of workshop)
  • One 15-minute Accountability Call-to-Action Chat (live phone or video one-on-one chat with Justina after course completion)
  • Long-Term "Let's Do This" Accountability Buddy Planning
  • Flow Chart for Following your Bliss!
  • Revolutionary Resource List - Offers many teachers and tools for ongoing work!

Imagine the start of your new year with this level of support, validation, clarity, and intention. It's going to be life-changing - I promise. So, are you in?! Just say "YES!" You deserve this dynamic experience in taking care of yourself! 


Relational Living: Healing Concepts of Self in an Evolving Culture

This immersive therapeutic study program will foster your ability to live as your most authentic self, effectively knowing what grounds you, what connects you, and what moves you. This work will also guide you into challenging territories - your places of avoidance, judgment, and fear, and will help you gain compassion for yourself so you can safely go into fertile vulnerability and sacred shadow work with support, understanding, and gentle accountability. By engaging in this exploration your self-awareness will open doors to deeper interpersonal relationships and greater levels of your own strengths, skills, creativity, innovation, and life satisfaction

Relational Living Course includes:

  • 8 weeks of study, each week focused on one concept: Relationship with: Self, Family, Community, Earth, Love, Creativity, Unknown/Spirit/Divine, Other.
  • 3 Exploratory Experiences provided per week, one each for Body, Mind, Spirit – via email receive an activity to engage in during the week or at your own pace. Exploratory Experiences may include meditation, writing exercises, suggested readings, movement practices, art projects, nature connections, personal discussion topics, boundary defining or expanding, goal exploration, simple daily practices, & more. 
  • Exploratory Experiences accompanied by an inspirational song, video, poem, story, or image for deeper connection and immersion with concepts.
  • Weekly 60-minute, group discussion calls guided by Justina to deepen your ability to make personal change through this work. 
  • One 30-minute, one-on-one, Break Through Session, a telephone or video chat (your choice) with Justina to support you in your Exploration process by honing in on your unique need for embracing an aspect of self, facing a fear, or overcoming an obstacle.


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