Welcome to Clover Heart Concepts

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Welcome to my world. I welcome you to my process as I invite you to welcome me to yours. I am a student of life, a seeker of superlative living, a creatrix of an optimal world that I believe we can build together.

I love to wax mythological and poetic, but I'm super duper down to Earth, grounded in logic and function. You and I, we can talk and get real, really fast.

This blog, this website, this Clover Heart Concept is a culmination of years of working toward my own wellness and supporting others in achieving theirs. I am excited and proud of the offerings that are emerging from my work. I make myself vulnerable to you when I tell you that I have something special to offer because it means I open myself to your scrutiny. You may ask, "Who is she to say she can help, to suggest she knows some things worth sharing?" And my reply to you is simply that I have seen the positive impact of my work in the world, and my desire to help guides me to be brave enough to invite you in, too. 

Would you like to be this brave, too? Would you like to be confident in yourself in such a way that you can bring your greatest gifts to the light of the day and share them openly with the waiting world, even if that means there will be some who do not understand you, do not need you, do not approve or care? There will always be those who welcome you, and there will always be those who don't. Who are you living for? Yourself and your welcoming community, or others?

I mentioned being a creatrix of an optimal world - in that world we are all given every chance to shine our brightest, because when we each have something unique and beautiful to offer, the world becomes an exponentially more wonderful place to be.

Let's create that world together. If you need support to become the you that you are longing to be, let me offer you my hand. I want to see you succeed with a peaceful and joyous heart - a heart filled with clover. 

As I wrote those last few words the sun crested over the mountain near my home and beamed affirming light over me - a celestial YES! on my intention and invitation. Do you long to feel affirmed, too? 

Let's talk.